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* Leo
  Attended code dojo : Weekly meetup , programming in Clojure, pair programming exercises
  Examples of code in CL, Clojure, and Haskell
** Clojure documentation hashes
   Better than docstrings
   Helps with knowing exactly what a function is supposed to do
* Lleksah : IDE for haskell development
  "Haskell" written backwards
* VRMS : Virtual Richard M. Stallman
  Tool to find list of non-free programs installed on a Debian system.
* Rick Hickey talk
  "Clojure for lispers"
* Wings 3D
  Erlang polygonal modeler
* SICP601
  Abelson & Sussman talk
  Episode 2 is about building Prolog in Scheme
* Raspberry Pi
  Review by Jos'h
** Cute as a button
** Good heat management
** Lot of connectors
*** Awkward to work with
** Not fast, but you can run the following on it
*** Emacs
*** Tetris
*** Server
*** Browser
* Jos'h
  Commodore 64 emulator on Nintendo DSL
  2D graphics work
  OpenGL interface
  Has a live sequencer written in BASIC
  Ability to load programs through a wired connection and through QR codes
* 6502 project
  Educational tool to learn how chips work