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Discussion meeting (September 2011)

Date: Sept. 7, 2011

Location: Linux Caffe

Attending: Leo, Ali, Paul

Leo showed his "discuss"-like comment server called clomments.  He put it together in a few hours using sbcl, hunchentoot, clsql, etc.


Paul showed his progress on a simple LW multi-core Erlang-like kernel, state machine macros and the ants-in-ether collision detection example.

Discussed parallel ray tracing vs. par. collision detection.  Clojure solution vs. ether solution.  And multi-core (shared memory) vs. distributed solutions.

Discussed Alan Kay's (Viewpoints Research Institute) Programming and Scaling lecture , wherein he mentions putting code on a T-shirt and that most beautiful piece of code he's seen wsa McCarthy's lisp-in-lisp.  Kay also mentions Meta II.  Discussed Henry Bakers Meta II paper and smeta2.

stumpwm (cl window manager) written by Canadian Shawn Betts

mozex and conqueror for external program control of firefox

web stack: ediware,clpdf,cltypesetting,clpng,clsvg,skippy,parenscrip+jquery