Presentations (December 2012)

* Attendees
  Paul T
  Paul I

* Vmtouch - Intro to Virtual Memory
** Memory in Unix
   Process address space is divided into pages
   At any given time, a page might be
     - In physical memory
     - In cache

** Vmtouch demo
   This application can observe and control in-memory caching of files in Unix systems

** Questions
*** How do you do the cache eviction there?
    That's actually the least portable part of the program. It uses different sytem calls on Linux and Solaris. It actually doesn't work at all on BSD.
*** What's the motivation?
    Fun, basically
* Economic Cycles - Boom & Bust
** Credit Expansion
   During the boom, credit is expanding, effectively creating money.
   Quick rundown of fractional-reserve lending (ratio of bank-asset:credit-provided)
** Credit Contraction
   Credit contraction happens when credit reaches unsustainable levels
   As defaults increase, new credit is limited

* Discussion
** Production lisp code
   Leo's company deployed a document proofing tool written in about 3k lines of Common Lisp (closed source, sadly)
   Dave Cooper's Genworks-GDL -
** Asynch Servers
   Tornado (python)
   Node.js (not actually a server, we just discussed it, but the default packaged web server IS aynchronous)
   Feersum (Perl)
   EV (event multiplexer backend)
   Incidentally, yes, there are libev bindings for Haskell

** Node.js apparently crashes. A lot.
   Any error seems to take down the entire service (cascading failure)
   Paul has found that wrapping promises around friggin' everything prevents (presumeably only some of) this

** Day of code retreat
   About half the attending group is going
   Leo to re-send the link out to the mailing list (it was there earlier)

** Monthly Code Retreat
   Search "Toronto Code Retreat" on
   "Usually third Thursday of every month"

** Next Month:
   January 8th at Bento Miso (looks like this is our new meeting place)
   Bento Miso is now the official Toronto Lisp Group Meeting
   (we're also penciled in for, Feb 5th, Mar 5th)