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Discussion meeting (April 2010)

Date: April 6, 2010

Location: Linux Caffe

  • Vish Singh
  • Paul Tarvydas
  • Abram Hindle
  • Doug Hoyte
  • Justin Giancola
  • Videem

This was a general discussion meeting.

* Vish presented Perlin Noise in Clojure
I've put together a small program in Clojure to demonstrate Perlin
noise, a particular variety of random noise that is commonly used in
3D graphics for generating textures, heightmaps, ocean simulations,
and so on. I'd like to show how the program is constructed and I've
got a simple graphical demo of 1-dimensional Perlin noise. Nothing too
fancy since I haven't gotten into 3D graphics in Clojure yet.. but the
math for generating the noise signal is perhaps more interesting.

original Perlin Noise article:

* Charles Poynton: books on digital video
* git diff --color-words
* git add -i, rebase -i
* git-svn
* Linus Torvalds on git:
* iPad A4 chip
* HSV color spaces, leads into a long discussion on color representation