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Discussion meeting (August 2009)

Date: August 4, 2009

Location: Linux Caffe

  • Paul Tarvydas
  • Vish Singh
  • Abram Hindle
  • Doug Hoyte
  • Mark Bolusmjak
  • Videem

This was a general discussion meeting.
  • Abram discussed his .emacs file, various macros and tools that he uses
  • Emacs org mode: a useful tool for hierarchically organizing notes
  • "Emacs makes a great operating system.. all it needs is a good text editor"
  • Vish brought up Transients in Clojure, the newest feature. Is it a good idea, or a clumsy workaround?
  • Compare and contrast this with "declare" optimizations in Common Lisp.
  • "Let Over Lambda", by Doug Hoyte, is now available in Japanese as well as English
  • Damian Conway gave a talk at the University of Toronto (Toronto Perlmongers)
  • Discussed pros and cons of Amazon Kindle
    • Unfortunately wireless downloading of books is not available in Canada?
  • Looking forward to the Apple Tablet, it may be an even better ebook reader than the Kindle
  • new member discussed the possibility of using Clojure with an Oracle database engine
  • Java runs directly on the engine, so it would be easier than using PL/SQL
  • idea: create a club repository on GitHub, just for fun projects