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Discussion meeting (July 2009)

Date: July 7, 2009

Location: Linux Caffe

  • Doug Hoyte
  • Abram Hindle
  • Vish Singh
  • Mark Bolusmjak
  • Paul Tarvydas
  • Rick Innis

This was a general discussion meeting.
  • Vish brought in his recently received copy of Programming Clojure, by Stuart Halloway.
  • Mark brought in The Reasoned Schemer and The Seasoned Schemer.
  • Doug asks: If you had a machine with millions of processors to run parallel processing jobs on, what would you do with it?
  • Abram's idea: Do an analysis of a user's local music library, e.g. run a pairwise determination of song similarity, and cluster music into groups.
  • Doug on Antiweb; uses a multiple-process architecture similar to qmail (actually inspired by qmail).
  • Doug is going to write a paper on the use of Berkeley DB in Antiweb, including a comparison with Clojure.
  • Mark talked about how pmap (parallel map) works in Clojure, how it processes the lazy sequence ahead by a few elements, depending on how many CPUs you have.
  • Rick suggested that we work out Project Euler problems as a fun club project.
  • We looked at Abram's website and some papers on the analysis of code complexity via indentation.