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Discussion meeting (April 2009)

Date: April 7, 2009

Location: Linux Caffe

  • Paul Tarvydas
  • Doug Hoyte
  • Abram Hindle
  • Vish Singh

This was a general discussion meeting.
  • Doug wrote the book "Let Over Lambda", that was brought in during a previous meeting.
  • Abram gave his talk on Perlish Lisp to another Perl group
  • We discussed Clojure's concurrency mechanism (Software Transactional Memory)
  • Much disagreement here among the members as to whether this is the best solution, considering the tradeoffs involved
  • Paul demonstrated his state machine macros in LispWorks, using the example of a light switch with different brightness settings
  • Paul demonstrated Visual Frameworks using the example of a system for monitoring household power and water usage
  • Vish set up Aquamacs and Clojure using Telman's articles, and found it very easy to do
  • Vish wrote a Sudoku solver in Clojure, and was still wrapping his head around programming such things functionally while maintaining efficiency
  • Vish is thinking about starting an open source project for the club to work on (perhaps a Reddit clone using Clojure+Compojure?)

The Sudoku solver is attached to this document. You'll notice that (sudoku/solve sudoku/*sudoku2*) takes a little while. At first, I actually wrote it using lists instead of vectors.. it was much slower than it is now. -- Vish
Vishvajit Singh,
Apr 11, 2009, 8:48 PM